Accommodation options in Wayanad

Accommodation in Wayanad

Do you have any tips for choosing the right accommodation in Wayanad? What are the best accommodation options in Wayanad? What all things should be taken into consideration while choosing a homestay? Which accommodation options in Wayanad have the best facilities? Reasonable accommodation in Wayanad ?These are the questions frequently being asked by many friends and tourists while planning a trip to Wayanad. Thank You all for the questions…” A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.” Since Kudajadri Drizzle is 100 year old traditional home stay we decided to use blogs to share our experience and information regarding various aspects of Wayanad. Choosing the right accommodation to stay in Wayanad is a different ball game whether it is a solo journey or a romantic rendezvous. We make sure the planning process for your Wayanad trip is smooth sailing, no matter if you are a seasoned visitor or if you are about to embark on your first trip to Wayanad. The first question everyone should ask yourself is “What you want from this holiday?.. Do you want a relaxing break at some rural retreat or some adventurous tripping or sightseeing or whatever it may be… Understanding what yourself need will help narrow down a shortlist of famous destination in Wayanad or accommodations in Wayanad. Wayanad is a perfect setting for romance and so on that note there are some seriously cosy cottages from the beautiful accommodation collection. You can choose homestays, resorts, hotels and tree houses depending upon your taste and budget.

Homestay Accommodations in Wayanad

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Homestay accommodations are one of the best and budget staying facility you will get in Wayanad, There around 80 + homestays in Wayanad in various price ranges, one of the important features of Homestay is , we are accommodated with the Host’s home, and we can enjoy homely meals which are prepared by the host them self. So totally it will be a homely experience for the guest. And security at the Homestay is high. If tourist is women they can opt for homestay, that the homestay hosts will be women in most of the Homestays in Wayanad. Its a worth of money, that is why almost 70% of the guest prefer Wayanad Homestays, Food available in homestay is very delicious and homely taste, so if you want to taste the real ethnic food in Wayanad you need to visit correct homestay, If you want to know the traditional Kerala architecture by visiting Wayanad’s #1 Homestay Kudajadri Drizzle Homestay Wayanad. We are on the #1 position in tripadvisor guest reviews. Kudajadri Homestay are near to popular travel destinations including, Pookode Lake, Kurva Island, Chmebra Peak, waterfalls and Sunrise Valley

Tree house Accommodations in Wayanad

As in the same sense Tree house accommodation facility are rarely available in Wayanad, there are only 3 spots you can enjoy the tree house accommodation. Tree hut are the best way to feel the nature and wild life of Wayanad. It only available at certain seasons. Some resorts are providing artificial tree house accommodation. Tree houses are little expensive though there are some budget tree houses. Living in a tree house under the stars in a peaceful atmosphere with nature in its pristine prime break the comfort of staying in a five star room. Tree houses also offer manifold facilities to assure complete satisfaction of the guests. If you are looking for budget places to stay in Wayanad or you wish to live in some traditional houses choosing a homestay is better. There are many good budget homestays in Wayanad where you can stay cheaper without compromising all the facilities. Experienced hosts can guide you far better than any other one. Choosing an homestay which is equidistant from all most all major tourist destinations of Wayanad’s very important.There are also many resorts both budget and expensive near all major destinations of Wayanad, choose them based on the reviews and your budget.